The Roving Rowes

The Travel Adventures of

Yvonne and Norman Rowe

Our "Adventure" which has been discussed, planned for, prepared for, and greatly anticipated for several years has commenced. On November 20, 1999, the "Adventure" began and this website was created so that we could share it with our family and friends. We are in the process of redesigning the website to more effectively present the materials.

We will have our various experiences sorted by two criteria:

You will be able to explore via the criterion of your choice.

In the meantime, feel free to explore what we have in the old format . Once we have the overhaul completed, much more will be available.

For almost three years (until late December 2001), our rig was a 1990 Layton travel trailer with a 1991 GMC Suburban truck to pull it and a 1983 Honda Shadow 500 motorcycle for alternate transportation and just plain fun. In December we changed our main rig to a 1985 Allegro motor home. To take the place of the Suburban as our primary four-wheeled vehicle we purchased a 1974 VW 412 Type 4 squareback sedan. The motorcycle stays with the ensemble. We will have pictures of the whole setup once a few adjustments have been accomplished.

We have had some folks ask us how we get such nice pictures onto our website. We purchased an Olympus D-450 digital camera which produces pictures instantly and places them on a memory card in a JPEG format. These files are then loaded onto the computer and used in the website pages which you see.

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