The Roving Rowes

Our 1974 VW 412 Type 4 Squareback Sedan

The Roving Rowes' 1974 VW 412

The VW Type 4 vehicles were one of the finest products made by Volkswagen. They were produced between 1971 and 1974. The 1971 and 1972 Type 4's were the 411 models with a "pug" nose. The 1973 and 1974 Type 4's were the 412 models with the "shark" nose. Although extremely good cars, they never caught on like the Beetles (Type 1), buses and vans (Type 2), and the Karmann Ghias. The Type 3 VW's were similar in body styles to the Type 4's (both appearing in slantback and squareback versions) but used the Beetle's front suspension, engine, and many other features. This Type 4 had been abandoned and ended up in a mechanic's lot, undriven and unloved for several years until we brought it back to life. The MacPherson front suspension helps give it a very smooth ride and its air-cooled 1700 cc "pancake" engine (the type of engine used in the VW buses and vans beginning in 1972 and also in a couple of models of Porches) scoots it very nicely down the highway. Here it is pictured near the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Pacific Grove, CA.

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