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Special People at

The 2000 NAMM International Trade Show

Every year NAMM invites outstanding musicians to the show and various exhibitors do the same. Many well-known designers and makers of instruments and accessories participate in their company's exhibit to assist in demonstrating their products. Some exhibitors call in professional players to perform on their products.



Zig Kanstul and Norm (small)

Zigmant Kanstul and Norm go back 33 years to the time when Zig headed up the Research and Development department at the F. E. Olds and Son factory in Fullerton, CA, and Norm led tours through the facilities. Norm left Olds to teach in Texas and shortly thereafter Zig went to another instrument maker. After a few more stops, he founded his own instrument manufacturing company, Kanstul Musical Instruments in Anaheim, CA, and has achieved a reputation for excellence in design and craftsmanship.

Ralph Bigelow and Norm (small)

Among the invitees of NAMM was the group Bones West. Ralph Bigelow serves as director of Bones West, but Norm knew him back in 1967 when he worked as Dean of Admissions at Cal-State Fullerton. This was the first time the two had seen each other since Norm left CSF in 1971.

Yvonne, George Roberts, and Norm (small)

George Roberts earned the title "Mr. Bass Trombone" many years ago since he helped make the bass trombone what it is today. His lyrical playing brought the bass trombone into the limelight as a true solo instrument as well as a firm foundation to the brass section. Yvonne and Norm got the opportunity to meet and visit with George for a few minutes and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. He's not only a fabulous trombonist, but a very nice person as well.

Mr. Silver and Yvonne (small)

The show that the Gemini company put on is covered elsewhere, but Mr. Silver deserves extra attention. Over a period of 28 years he has developed a style and performance skill which has taken him all over the world, including the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Visit his website at to learn more about this exciting performer. He not only posed with Yvonne for this shot, but he gave her a large autographed (and kissed) poster for the wall.

Cy Curnin (small)

A display of recording and mixing software featured Cy Curnin, the lead singer of the group FIXX. The demonstration took pre-recorded back-up instrumental tracks and added a live peformance of Cy's vocal to it. Here he is singing for us after the recording engineer described how he used the software to prepare the material for release.

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