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The 2000 NAMM International Trade Show

NAMM at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Four days every year the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) presents their International Trade Show which brings together over 1,000 companies from around the world to demonstrate their products and services to tens of thousands of attendees representing every conceivable aspect of the music business. Included are a variety of instruments from dozens of makers, music, accessories, tools, music and business software, amplification components, recording equipment, and on and on and on. This year the show filled the Los Angeles Convention Center from February 3 through February 6. We functioned as the "eyes and ears" for Walt's Music Shop in Medford, Oregon, since the owner was unable to attend. Enjoy the collection of pictures we have for you.



Church (small)

Although not part of the NAMM show, every day on our way to the L. A. Convention Center we passed by this magnificent church building. It was too nice not to include.

Airsax (small)

In the lobby, a couple of large figures danced around in the wind generated by fans placed beneath them. This one is "blowing" a saxophone. The one with the clarinet can be seen back to the left.

Bobby Shew and Larry Linkin (small)

A parade through the facilities by the Fernand L. Petiot All-Industry Marching Band marks the opening of the show. Larry Linkin (on the right), NAMM's President/CEO, normally directs the band but this year he enlisted the assistance of trumpeter Bobby Shew (on the left).

Yvonne and Norm with parade instruments (small)

This marked the second time Yvonne has participated in the band, the third time Norm has played. Yvonne chose a King euphonium and Norm went with a Yanagisawa baritone saxophone.

USC band shot #1 (small)

Traditionally, just before opening time on the second day of the show, a group of bandsmen (and bandswomen) from the University of Southern California perform in the lobby.

USC band shot #2 (small)

After playing a few numbers in the lobby, the band moves into the main exhibit area. Although it looks like one of the players slipped and fell, it was just part of the routine.

Mickey Mouse with USC band (small)

The band brought along a "friend" who did a dance for the audience while the band played. He was nice enough to wave to the camera when he saw we were about to take a picture of him.

Musical Instruments GIF

One of the major draws of the NAMM show is the multitude of musical instruments on display. These are but a few of the hundreds, even thousands, on display.

People at NAMM GIF

The NAMM show provides an opportunity to meet and talk with a variety of special people. These are some of the ones we encountered this year.

Bones West (small)

Of the many performing groups which entertain attendees, our favorite was Bones West. This group of trombone players (with rhythm section) provided a delightful blend of swing-style pieces. This was their 20th year playing for the NAMM show.

Jenny and Ryan (small)

Our daughter Jenny made the trip down from Oregon to come to the show for a couple of days and brought along her friend Ryan Rauch.

Jenny on the drums (small)

Jenny started playing drums a few years ago and went on tour with the Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps last summer (but in the color guard, not on the drum line). Here she found a set just her size!

Elvi (small)

One of the exhibits featured company representatives in especially colorful costumes "impersonating" you-know-who. We started to take a picture of two of them, but when another one saw the camera he wanted in and called on a couple others to join the group, so we ended up with a small herd of Elvi (the plural form of Elvis).

Gemini exhibit GIF

The Gemini Sound Products Corp. always produces a spectacular exhibit. This year featured Mr. Silver, a magic show, and a swimsuit calendar with some of the models available for autographs. We got several pictures from this exhibit, so come take a look at them.

Mobolazer GIF

An awesome eyecatcher was the Mobolazer display at the bottom of a stairwell. Here are views from atop the stairs and on the floor below.

Sabian cymbal hammerer (small)

Sabian Cymbals not only displayed their finished wares, but also had one of their craftsmen plying his trade. Examples of points in the process of making cymbals flanked him. Come see it all.

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra on building (small)

The 2000 NAMM International Trade Show became history at 5:00 pm on Sunday. With sore and tired shoulders, arms, legs, and feet we hit the road back to the Monterey Bay area. A short distance from the LACC we noticed a building decorated with portraits of members of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

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