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The Gemini Sound Products Exhibit

At the 2000 NAMM International Trade Show

Gemini Sound Products Corp. always goes to great lengths (and probably expense!) to produce one of the most exciting and spectacular spots at the NAMM show. This year was no exception. Along with their traditional "puffballs" they also distributed their year 2000 wall calendars featuring a collection of gorgeous swimsuit models. Not only that, but some of those models were available to autograph the calendars. An hourly show headlined the fabulous Mr. Silver (a.k.a. Douglas Meyers) in a robotics routine that exemplified his mastery of the form which has taken him around the world and featured him at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Following Mr. Silver's performance came a magic act which amazed everyone in attendance. We watched three of the shows and in each there were three audience members chosen to participate. We know they weren't "planted" because for one of the shows Yvonne was asked onstage and on one of the others Jenny was picked. They were both just as amazed as everyone else at the abilities he displayed. Our thanks to Gemini for this great entertainment and we invite you to visit their website at



Mr. Silver & dancers (small)

Mr. Silver opened the show with his great robotics act. He was joined by some lovely dancers for part of the presentation. Catch his website at

Magic Show w/Yvonne (small)

Our magician took a piece of paper with the word "turtle" on it and immediately transformed it into an actual turtle. Yvonne, as you can see, takes delight in animals.

Magic Show w/Jenny (small)

In another feat of magic he took a ring from one of the people on stage which he made disappear. He took one of Yvonne's rings when she was on stage and one of Jenny's rings when she was there. A moment later he pulled out his key case which had his car keys and the missing ring. Here is Jenny finding her ring on his key case.

Jenny plays an X (small)

As part of his act, the magician plugged Gemini's new product, UMX. Jenny got to take the part of the X.

Swimsuit Calendar models animated GIF (small)

Since they were mentioned, we should show you the swimsuit models autographing the Gemini calendars.

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