The Roving Rowes


Southern Carmel, CA



Lagoon (small)

The Carmel River flows into the Pacific Ocean near the southern end of Carmel, CA. A lovely lagoon sits near the mouth of the river.

Bird sign (small)

The lagoon is home to a number of water fowl as described by the sign posted.

Lagoon bird (small)

One of the residents was kind enough to pose for a photograph.

Carmel Bay shore (small)

The shoreline presents a beautifully serene setting. The Carmel River mouth is just past the left edge of this view.

Castle (small)

Along the shoreline drive sit some lovely homes with breathtaking views of the sea and shore. One of the more unusual ones included something that looked like part of a castle.

Carmel Bay (small)

The Carmel Bay, by most standards, would not be considered a large one, but by anybody's standards it should be considered a lovely one.

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