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Jane Maranghi (small)

A little over a year ago (October 1998) we were invited to sit in with the Santa Cruz City Band by an internet acquaintance (Jane Maranghi) who plays clarinet in the band. Here's Jane preparing for the concert.

John Thomas (small)

John Thomas, owner of Thomas Musical Instruments in Santa Cruz, organized the band in 1994 and has served as director since its inception. For this concert he chose to have Yvonne play bass trombone and Norm play trumpet.

Yvonne (small)

Once Yvonne has her instrument set up and ready to go, she gets vey busy warming up with scales, arpeggios, and murder mysteries and obviously thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

Trumpet section (small)

It's not very often that a band director feels the need for another trumpet player, so this presented an unusual opportunity for Norm to pull out the trumpet and put in some playing time on it. The trumpet section (L-R) were George, Norm, Greg, and Charles. George enjoyed trying out his brand new trumpet.

Santa Cruz City Band (small)

The program included "Variations On An Ancient Air" by James Curnow, "Carol Of The Drum" by Katherine Davis, "Big Bands In Concert" arr. by Bob Lowden, "Adagio For Strings" by Samuel Barber and arr. by Calvin Custer, "Christmas Suite" arr. by Harold Walters, "The Poet And Peasant Overture" by Franz von Suppe and arr. by Henry Fillmore, and "From Tropic To Tropic" by Russell Alexander.

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