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Monterey's Cannery Row

Cannery Row

Canning seafood provides a livelihood for many along the Pacific coast. Monterey's famed Cannery Row (no relation) contains not only several such businesses, but a lot of businesses catering to the folks who come to visit this point of interest (otherwise known as the "tourist trade").

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Sly McFly (small)

Among the numerous places to eat, Sly McFly's Refueling Station presents an especially interesting decor.

Sly McFly auto (small)

One of the first sights one notices inside Sly McFly's is the automobile high on a framework stand. It's a good thing it's not out on the street -- it would get pulled over and ticketed very quickly for an inoperative headlight.

Sly McFly Glass (small)

The windows around the dining room sport various stained glass works depicting vintage automobiles. Here are three of them.

Fish Hopper (small)

Another restaurant along Cannery Row is the Fish Hopper. The Fish Hopper provides a balcony deck along one side overlooking the bay.

Sea gull (small)

The railing of the balcony gives the local birds a place to land, get fed, and pose for pictures. This friendly gull approached within inches without hesitation.

Sea lions (small)

On the rocks just off the shore from the balcony a couple of sea lions lay basking in the afternoon sun.

Cat corner (small)

Cannery Row fields a lot of small souvenier and specialty shops. One we found especially interesting when we were here in 1998 still operates in the same location. Here is the "cat corner" which displays a variety of feline related decorations.

Frog band (small)

Also in the shop we found a couple of "bands" of frog figurines.

Thomas Kinkade Gallery (small)

One special friend of Yvonne's has a special interest in the artwork of Thomas Kinkade. Cannery Row includes a gallery of his works.

Thomas Kinkade painting (small)

In the front window we saw one of his larger paintings so we took a picture of it.

Flora's Girls (small)

The walls along the sidewalk of one section of the Row present the visitor with numerous panels of artwork done by local artists. Since Yvonne's mother's name is Flora, this one particular picture held special interest.

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