The Roving Rowes

Move the Folks from Albuquerque to Monterey

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Gallup sunrise (small)

Our flight from San Jose took us first to Las Vegas for a short layover until our second leg carried us to our final destination: Albuquerque. No, it wasn't for the hot air balloon Fiesta -- that was a couple of months ago. Yvonne's mother and step-father decided to pack up and move to Monterey and needed us to come help. On Friday morning, though, Hal Ludwig and Jerry Guenther were scheduled to fly in the Gallup Hot Air Balloon Rally and wanted us to come crew. So we got up at about 3:00 am and drove to Gallup. The lovely predawn sky looked promising, but unfortunately there was too much wind, so the ballooning was canceled for the day.

Sandia Mountains (small)

With the Sandia mountains around us, we spent Friday afternoon, Saturday night, and part of Sunday packing up the 25' truck, then prepared for the 15' truck we would pick up Monday morning. After stuffing the second truck to the gills, it was obvious a third truck of approximately the same size was going to be needed, so off we went to get it. The plan to leave by noon or 1:00 pm disappeared and the third truck was finally closed shortly before 10:00 pm.

Red Sandia Mountains (small)

In the evening as the sun was setting, the Sandia mountains around us changed dramatically. They went from looking like ordinary rock to a stunning red, hence their name which in the local Indian (as in "Native American") means "watermelon red". After loading a minivan and a car onto dollies behind the two smaller trucks, the convoy finally hit the road shortly after 10:00 pm. After stops in Gallup (NM), Kingman (AZ), and Paso Robles (CA) we finally arrived in Monterey around 12:30 pm on Thursday and started unloading. With some help from some friends, all three trucks were emptied by mid-afternoon Friday. Our job was done.

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