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Apple Valley, CA

for the

1999 Apple Valley Balloon Races

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Apple Valley dawn (small)

We arrived in Apple Valley, CA, on Thursday evening, November 25, to crew for the Apple Valley Hot Air Balloon Races scheduled to begin at 6:30 Friday morning where a beautiful dawn beckoned.

Apple Valley, CA (small)

Apple Valley, CA, sits amid the eastern California high desert. One sees very little green in this neck of the woods, but its flat and almost desolate landscape provides an excellent locale for hot air ballooning.

Sky Drifter (small)

Invited to the event by pilots Hal Ludwig and Jerry Guenther, we ended up crewing for Hal and his balloon Sky Drifter.

Hal Ludwig (small)

Hal Ludwig hails from nearby Phelan, CA, and has brought his Sky Drifter balloon to the annual Rogue Valley Balloon Rally since its second year (1996). After crewing for him a few times on our "home turf" we enjoyed crewing for him on his.

Jerry Guenther (small)

Jerry Guenther calls Tarzana, CA, home. At first he declined participating in the Apple Valley event because none of his regular crew could make it. When we assured him that we would be there and available to crew for him, he decided to come. He ended up with so many crew folks that he didn't need us after all.

Tiffany 2 (small)

Jerry's balloon Tiffany 2 really brightens up the sky with its brilliant yellow color and contrasting darker colors.

U/FO (small)

The organizers of the Apple Valley Hot Air Balloon Races were Carol and Dennis Stafford. We crewed for them in Medford at the 1997 RVBR shortly after they acquired their balloon, U/FO (which stands for Ultimate Floating Object). Since then (just in the last couple of months, to be exact) they have added the alien faces to make it an especially interesting and eyecatching balloon.

5 balloons (small)

A total of 15 balloons attended the Apple Valley event. This shot shows five of them together.

Thank you for joining us with our brief online show of the 1999 Apple Valley Hot Air Balloon Races.

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